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for the Financial Sector


Since 2005, our team has helped to obtain more than 115 new or complementary licences for the financial sector.

Our team provides you with all the support during each step of your application process in order to be approved by the CSSF as a professional of  the financial sector in Luxembourg. Vectis also assists you for any license upgrade.

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The application file

An approval of the Ministry of Finance is required according the services proposed to the market and the legal requirements. This begins with the filing of an application form in order to ensure the supervisory authority (CSSF) and the Ministry of Finance that your company has a strong business plan, and is aware of all rights and duties regarding the local regulations.

Our proven step by step approach includes :

  1. Train/inform stakeholders , to challenge your project by bringing our market knowledge and the PFS requirements
  2. In order to avoid useless investments, it’s very important to  validate  at an early stage of  the application process  that all the required elements will be present, in order to be sure to obtain your PFS license at the end of the process
  3. Based on the two first steps, all stakeholders are on the same level of understanding and therefore, we  choose  together the  right level of services  going from a specific punctual assistance to the overall management of the project

Our aim is to become your trusted partner to tackle all regulatory aspects that await you and to leverage them at lower cost. In fact, we offer you all the required support before, during and after your PFS application.