Compliance & regulatory watch  

While we provide with one-shot assistance, our most popular services are compliance follow up and ongoing regulatory watch.

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Vectis assists you in the compliance of your business with legal and regulatory requirements of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as well as its monitoring. We provide you with documents, tools, PFS trainings and resources.

To ensure compliance with all laws and regulations can be complex and costly especially for SMB, for whom time and resources are limited. Vectis helps you to be autonomous in your compliance.

Our team implements quality measures in order to comply with legislation related to a controlled and – when possible light – cost. Vectis’ support is effective because it helps you to focus efforts on compliance depending on the size and the nature of your business.

Vectis also performs regulatory watch of your business. We help you stay up-to-date with laws, regulations and circulars, for your license(s).