CSR and QES policies

Vectis believes in continuous improvement principles to better meet customer requirements, as well as changes in the legal and regulatory requirements.

Vectis has adopted the CSR approach ( Corporate Social Reponsability) and the quality management system QES ( Quality Environment and Safety) in the implementation of its internal organization and in the design of its services catalog.


General objectives

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The board of directors clearly showed its engagement in the form of strategic CSR & QES policies. For this, it commits to:

  • Implement tools  such as process approach, PDCA methodology (Plan-Do-Check-Act) or continuous improvement, support for decision-making evidence-based and their documentary support
  • Continue diligent efforts concerning  CSR and diversity,  which promotes optimization skills, employee commitment and their long-term commitment within the company
  • Pursue quality certifications, by implementing an integrating a management system that meets the requirements of ISO relating to quality, environment and safety

Specific objectives

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The general objectives are supported by specific objectives based on an assessment of the company.

The Board of directors does:

  • Fight against  all forms of  discrimination  in hiring and remuneration of its collaborators
  • Promote integration  and  career  of all collaborators throughout their career and valorize their skills and development
  • Educate each collaborator  about diversity, welfare to work, health capital preservation and risk prevention in the workplace
  • Develop a social dialog  with partners and suppliers, in integrating CSR and by raising their awareness
  • Integrate environmental aspects  in Vectis’ activities and control consumptions