Board of Directors mandates


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Leverage your company management thanks to the experience of an external director or general manager.

Vectis offers external or even independent directorship or general manager mandates for SMB and PFS by structuring the governance of your company. We support its proper execution during your annual general meeting, board of directors and executive committee.

An experienced professional of Vectis’ team supports your board of directors or executive committee, passing on you its years of experience in corporate projects and governance, as its knowledge of the organization of the management bodies.

In particular, it helps you :

  • Defining the roles of governing bodies
  • Preparing, maintaining and recording meetings
  • Answering any questions you may have about the responsibilities of directors and general managers
  • Proactively meeting administrative deadlines of the social life of the company
  • Following the annual cycle of management and internal control(budget, monitoring, corrective actions )
  • Establishing policies (outsourcing , conflicts of interests, compensation , risk, … ) and charters (standing rules of the board of directors and executive committee, diversity charter …)
  • Calling on specific skills of Vectis or our professionals network


Corporate governance

We believe that good corporate governance is necessary to the long-term development of any activity.

Vectis supports you in implementing good corporate governance (and in so meet the needs of internal governance as defined in the circular CSSF 12/552) with models of documents regarding: 

Governance organization

An accompaniment may be executed at your annual general meeting, or to persons who, under company law, monitor the management.

Policies and charters

The company main policies and charters at board level and executive regarding:

  • Conflicts of interests
  • Subcontracting
  • Compensation
  • Risks
  • Internal Audit
  • Procedures of the board of directors

Additionally, we execute whole or part of the company’s social life secretary processes, allowing the board of directors to focus on the added value of the decision making.

Vectis also helps to implement adequate internal controls, essential to ensure the achievement your business objectives. They allow :

  • Meeting regulatory obligations
  • Creating value
  • Preventing loss
  • Securing assets (including reputation)
  • Detecting errors or fraud
  • Ensuring the quality of financial information