Internal audit


Consider the outsourcing of the internal audit to analyze your business globally or per activity. Vectis performs internal audit, or coaches you on its organization.


Internal audit is an essential part of the common requirements of the entire financial sector. Today, companies face increasing challenges to meet the ongoing changes in legislative and market requirements to maintain adequate and effective controls and to improve their management of risk and governance.

This context reinforces the value of internal audit, and also means that the task becomes increasingly complex and requires varied and sophisticated skills.

Whatever your activity, Vectis covers the entire spectrum of internal audit and :

  • Performs risk analysis
  • Prepares audit charter
  • Establishes the annual and tri-annual audit plan
  • Performs audit missions
  • Prepares the annual audit report

If performed internally, Vectis also coaches your team in order to ensure efficiency, relevance and added-value of analysis by providing methodologic framework.

We work with internal auditors, governing bodies as well as audit committees.