Procedures handbook & Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plans


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Procedures handbook

Thanks to its experience in the organisation of Financial Sector companies, Vectis has defined templates which support the process of organising your company and generating procedures.

Purpose of the organisation manual, activity of the company, legal texts and circulars applicable, governance, organisation, audit (internal & external), business processes (including AML), internal accounting and administrative services, Human resources, IT, ... our documents have it all. 

We can assist you through a single workshop where we deliver and decline the document, or on a recuring pace, delivering you with frequent updates. 

Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery Plan ( “BCP/DRP”)

The Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan ensure the continuity of your business and therefore of your customers in all circumstances, human and technical plans.

Vectis assist you to identify your real needs and defines with you an efficient solution : appropriate and economical.

From client perspectives and priorities and based on a risk analysis, our approach reduces the probability ofoccurrence of incidents and their impacts. Globally, it guarantees business continuity and disaster recovery.

  Vectis :

  • Organizes roles and responsibilities between key identified people and the materials means they should have based on scenarios
  • Documents and provides tools for processes to be triggered
  • Stores properly and makes available reference information
  • Tests plans during scenarios and simulations