Risk management



Risk management associated with your business and your market context !

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A risk is an event or condition that has a positive or negative effect on the achievement of your objectives if it occurs.

Risk is an inherent part of any activity. Today, in an increasingly complex world, organizations need to constantly improve their ability to manage risk and to cope with an increasing number of regulatory constraints.

Our team will assist you in the risk management and allows your organization to determine how to use resources to reduce the likelihood and impact of threats and , take advantage of the opportunities at the same time.

Under our “risk management” service, we work occasionally or on a regular basis to :

  • Anticipating by taking into account the internal (organization, products, services) or external (market, regulation) changes of the company
  • Identification by reviewing systematically events, sources of risk or opportunity
  • Assessing by analyzing likelihood of occurrence of these events, impacts as well as identifying ways to prevent the occurrence of the consequences and mitigate the causes
  • Monitoring changes of the risks identified over time through the plan of implementation of mitigation
  • Controlling and reporting progress in risk management as well as changes

Vectis assist the management in the control of risks based on a stress tests program and implement appropriate mitigation. Our team helps defining the risk management policies and processes so your company remains autonomous. We execute also part of the recurring tasks to provide consistent results to daily managers and board of directors.