Trainings and e-learning

Our most popular trainings are :

* Anti-Money Laundering and Fight against Terrorism (AML/CFT) : this training meets the continuing training requirement laid down in CSSF regulation 12-02.

* Management of a company of the Financial sector - compliance, risk, audit : legal duties and operational matters

Next Classes :


Title Type & Duration Language Date & Time
Lutte contre le blanchiment d'argent et financement du terrorisme, et fondamentaux du secteur financier au Luxembourg Session Publique, 4hrs FR Friday, 08 dec 2017 , 13h30-17h30
Friday, 13 oct 2017 , 13h30-17h30
Anti Money Laundering and fight against terrorism, and fundamentals of the financial sector in Luxembourg Public session, 4hrs EN Friday, 24 nov 2017 , 13h30-17h30
Les essentiels de la lutte contre le blanchiment
Session publique, 2hrs FR Friday, 29 sept 2017, 13h30-15h30
Friday, 06 oct 2017, 13h30-15h30 
Friday, 17 nov 2017, 13h30-15h30
Friday, 15 dec 2017, 13h30-15h30 
The essentials of the fight against money laundering Public session, 2hrs EN
Friday, 1 dec 2017, 13h30-15h30

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Whether you are employee of PSF, of a bank, a lawyer or any other person in relation to these categories, our training courses are of interest to you. We also have a dedicated training for accountants.

 In order to fulfill your obligation of continuing education, Vectis offers several types of sessions :

  • Opt for the  intra-company session to form a group of up to 15 people on your premises, 

  • Choose to register your new employees or employees of very small structures in our  public sessions or 

  • Prefer the flexibility of our  e-learning formula to train employees remotely. 

Vectis is an accredited training organization, we will issue you a certificate of participation valid for the co-financing file of the State as af for your internal auditor (when necessary).