Vision & Mission



Our vision of management is the achievement of excellence through a process oriented organisation.

“Excellence is a source of added value for company’s clients and consequently, of income. Process management leads to excellence.”


Vectis’ mission is “to provide management and organisation advisory as execution to enable companies to focus on their activities.”

Our team of consultants, internal auditors and external experts will provide according your choice :

  • Punctual/specific support  to a “turnkey” installation to create a company in Luxembourg
  • Implementation of effective board policies  and an adapted corporate governance policy for agile and compliant management
  • Implementation of an organization  tailored to your needs that allows you to ensure the efficiency, the profitability and the growth of your business
  • Execution of services  regarding accounting, sales and administrative activities


To deliver its mission, Vectis has developed a comprehensive methodology, regurlarly improved with the requirements of the CSSF. Our work relies on:

  • An excellence model  derived from circulars CSSF 12/552 for banks and investment institutions and CSSF 98/143 for other PFS, seen as an opportunity for continuous improvement rather than a constraint
  • A process management approach  based on ISO9001 quality standard. It includes roles, defines responsibilities, lists the means (documents, tools, etc.) and controls (KPI) so that each player knows its role within the organization and act according to a procedure which is : 
    • Efficient
    • Compatible with the legal and regulatory framework
    • described literally (text) as in a graphic form (workflow)

The implementation of the various elements of this methodology is assigned to team members according to their skills and experience. We also rely on the PDCA (“Plan-Do-Check-Act” also known as the Deming wheel) , famous methodology of continuous improvement.